Maralyn and I love this writing tip from the May Body and Soul publication. (Yes, another one of Martha’s successes).

We wish we had found it in time to include in our new book, $uccess, to be published in August 2008. Even though this journaling article pertains to weight loss,it is applicable to journaling in general.

Maralyn is intimately familiar with the success of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program. Shasha Long, a psychotherapist at Duke, reports that writing can help with both intention and monitoring of weight loss.

Celina Ottaway writes about Sasha’s advice for conscious eating and effective, lasting weight loss. “Ditch the scale and grab a pencil and paper instead.” Celina explains what many of us know for sure about the positive power of journaling. Whether you keep a food log, or record your commitment to healthy eating, putting pen to paper can be a valuable tool in the difficult journey to weight loss…and keeping your commitment.

Keeping a commitment to your writing is the same.

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